Hinkley Point C development

Functional Areas


Customer is where the majority of our pro-active and reactive external and internal customer activity and transactions will take place. The team will be responsible for demand management, working with our partners, stakeholders and customers to prevent the need for service requests.  This function will also lead on delivering our Customer enablement Strategy. We will at all times be seeking to support all of our customers to access our services either digitally through our website and apps, on the telephone or through face to face at our key sites or in the community.  At all times we will be seeking to support our customers to migrate to a digital channels, releasing resources to focus on those customers unable to ‘channel shift’.

Performance & Governance

This team provides important and underpinning activities across Performance & Risk Management, Governance & Elections, Information & Data Management and Strategic support on Procurement and our People Management function. It will be responsible for driving our performance management framework, including the client management of key contracts and partnerships. It will control ongoing business design integrity and develop our business intelligence ambitions and support service improvement.


The Strategy team is fundamental to our future and will play a crucial role in turning our vision and ambition for championing people, place and prosperity, into strategies and plans for the One Team and partners to deliver. The accountability for the entire strategic planning cycle sits within the Strategy function. They will work with colleagues and partners to develop all key strategies, including the Place Plan, Corporate Plan, Local Plan and annual tactical plans. The team will also proactively horizon scan across our strategic priorities to ensure we stay on track.


The Localities function will work strategically with partners, stakeholders and customers to understand localities needs based on evidence and customer insight, in order to influence strategy. The team will aim to build on important work already started, such as with our established One Teams and Village and Community Agents. They will focus on demand reduction and customer enablement and access to One Team advice and services. The Localities teams will also undertake a wide range of direct service delivery and incorporate many of our operational services, working with people who may need enhanced support in our communities, or undertaking work to safely maintain our assets and look after the place and our open spaces. Fundamentally, the purpose is to provide efficient and high quality operational services to our customers through direct delivery and relevant contracts and partnerships.

Communications & Engagement

This team is fundamental to the success of our organisation, and how our customers, partners and stakeholders perceive us.  These key roles will make sure that we are keeping internal and all external customers, including our tenants, informed about Council priorities, services and campaigns, lead the engagement of our customers, provide a marketing function to the Council including customer data/insight and trends and promotion of commercial and income generating services, and place-based marketing to support inward investment and economic ambitions. 

Commercial, Investment and Change

The purpose of the function will be to lead the delivery– directly or through facilitation and enabling - of major place schemes and programmes across the area, creating conditions for growth, prosperity and well-being. This could include housing schemes, regeneration projects, major infrastructure projects and cross-cutting place programmes such as Taunton Garden Town and place programmes in our rural and coastal communities. The team will also identify and realise opportunities for the Council to invest directly, stimulating growth and regeneration and generating a commercial return to the Council, with an initial focus on asset and property activities. Programmes of significant change for the organisation will also sit within this function.