Deane Helpline Cars

A New Operating Model

We are moving to an exciting and radically new way of working. This will include moving away from a traditional local authority service based structure and management hierarchies to a new borderless and flexible approach led by a dispersed and empowering leadership style. This will include the following three new approaches:


A new Behaviour Framework

Our Behaviour Framework has been developed through the collaboration of staff, managers and the senior leadership team and will provide an underpinning guide to enhance both organisation and individual performance. It will enable us to become a learning organisation, one that is equipped to deliver growth and be adaptable to change.  Our Framework outlines the behaviours we all must demonstrate if we are to become an agile, responsive and resilient workforce that is able to meet the needs of our Customers and overcome the challenges of a changing local government environment. It is not just what we do, but how we do it that will make the biggest difference to what we deliver. Our behaviours demonstrate the approach we take to work:-

  • Working together – sharing ideas and best practice.
  • Agile – empowered to make decisions. 
  • Commercial awareness – adding value every day. 
  • Ownership – seeing things through to the end.

Organising by Themes

The proposed model removes our reliance on silos and champions a need to work in a borderless and flexible way, across our functional areas. This will benefit the individual customer and business in many ways and is a foundation of our transformation. Using themes of work would let us organise based on a degree of common purpose. Elsewhere in the world, adopted themes have included geography (Thomas Cook), customer type (Ford), product (Dyson) and service (Hospitals). We recognise that we need to re-connect staff with our core priorities, and therefore are proposing to develop themed working around the following three areas:

  • Key People outcomes might include our aspirations about health and wellbeing, education, diversity, benefits, safety, vulnerability, communities, support.
  • Key Place outcomes might include Housing outcomes, green spaces, infrastructure (tech and physical), food hygiene and licensing.
  • Key Prosperity outcomes include targets for jobs, investment, entrepreneurial growth, innovation and social mobility.

Organising by Job Families

We are moving from an organisation that had over 200 job descriptions that limited our agility in how we embraced change and organised the work we did. It also limited the sense of individual responsibility coming into conflict with our strategic priorities and outcomes.

Our starting point is to simplify things.  We propose clustering people into job families that have a similar function and value and require similar levels of skill and know how.  These job families help us promote the growth and learning of people with similar skills.

Customer Services

To resolve as many customer enquiries as possible at the first point of contact, providing accurate advice and guidance; and to proactively seek to provide additional services to customers where appropriate, in support of the Council’s ambitions.

Case Manager

To ensure we provide a fully integrated customer service for more complex enquiries and transactions focussed on customer needs, by acting as a single point of contact to both the customer and internal colleagues throughout the complete customer journey and by managing and resolving the vast majority of cases.


To input specialist and professional expertise into activities across the Council to deliver services to our customers, in particular more complex cases and to contribute to the strategic direction of the Council.


Key to growing our understanding of our localities and their needs and working with partners to reduce demand and deliver locally important outcomes.  Roles in this family will also provide a responsive and high profile presence in the community, delivering locally tailored services on a pro or reactive basis. Maintaining our assets and looking after our open spaces and delivering highly valued community services.

Operational Management

Key to ensuring we continually deliver effectively and efficiently across all we do. This role family will plan, organise and deploy our resources across all of our themes, processes, programmes and projects.